The Kintsugi Project – Behind the Scenes

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This day. This process. I’m floored. I’m having a hard time finding the words that accurately portray how I feel about these images, this project, what the process means to me. Yesterday was…remarkable. Powerful. Intense. Authentic.


Part II of The Kintsugi Project was one of the most incredible days of  my photographic journey. Exploring wounds and the healing marks they leave on the human form. Sixteen open souls bared their most intimate thoughts, their bodies, their scars, their struggles, their joys. Together, we celebrated their successes on their journey to self-love, acceptance, forgiveness, tenacity, health, wholeness, and the primal scream of survival.


A colleague and filmmaker, Fredrick Dent, joined us yesterday to film the project. Fredrick and I have worked together in our sports community, and we’ve had several meaningful conversations that have stayed with me long after. He was moved by what he observed yesterday. And as he packed up to leave, we spoke about what truly happens in this studio during this process. Fredrick sent me this simple message to read when I woke this morning.


“Darshan, ( Sanskrit: “viewing”) also spelled darshana, in Indian philosophy and religion, particularly in Hinduism, the beholding of a deity (especially in image form), revered person, or sacred object.”




The Kintsugi Project – Honoring scars, the stories behind them, and the primal spirit of survival. Please find the full stories on my facebook page (link below) or watch for the book (which includes 60+ participants and full, detailed stories) scheduled for release in 2018. Subscribe to the blog posts for notification!



Photos courtesy of Fredrick Dent.


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