You Are Enough

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Had a great conversation last weekend with a friend I haven’t seen in a few months.

After warm hugs and catching up a bit, she spoke about seeing the photographs I’ve shared recently and how they make her feel. She loves looking at them. She dreams of creating her own set, but she felt that she didn’t LOOK the part.


She felt she wasn’t…. enough. That she wasn’t ‘attractive’ enough. That she wasn’t ‘photo material’.

Can you imagine what my response was?

Every. Single. Human. is enough.

YOU are enough. In all of your wrinkly, bony, sexy, awkward, hot-mess, gorgeous, hard-bodied or soft-bodied glory!!!

I’ve heard so many labels that people use to describe themselves, and many of them are hurtful, self deprecating, and just downright mean.

You wouldn’t say these hurtful things to somebody you love – why would you say them to yourself?

Love the skin you’re in.

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