Just Get Through The Next Ten Minutes

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People mean well.

“You are not alone.”

Sometimes, you are.

“Let me know how I can help.”

You can’t.

“Cheer up!”

It’s not that simple.

We have no way of knowing the battles our friends wage alone. The people we care about. Our neighbors. Our workmates.

All we can do is try. Listen. Touch. Stay.

The demons that plague them…sometimes they win.

Pressure, stress, expectations…the thrumming of elevated heart rates building to a nerve-wracking crescendo.

I see you. I hear you.

Being tired, being vulnerable, being willing to admit feeling defeated. The ebb and flow of the false sense of control we carry in our daily lives is real.

Talking about suicide is risky. Talking about mental illness is risky. But it shouldn’t be.

It’s time to change that.

You have somebody in your life, RIGHT NOW, that is unable to reach out.  If posts on social media are any measure of how much people THINK they understand, we imagine that there are doors open and pots of tea at the ready, waiting for grateful palms to curl around them for warmth.

But the truth is, they won’t reach out. They CAN’T reach out. So you must go to them.

Make the phone call to somebody you suspect is in need. Send the text. Be present.

“I see that you’re hurting.”

“I hear your silence.”

Find their fingers reaching out from under the blankets and hold their hand. Don’t let go.

Just get through the next ten minutes.

There are options.

Just get through the next ten minutes.

Drink water.



There are people who will listen.


There is always, ALWAYS, another way.


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