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If you follow me on Facebook and Kickstarter, you’ll know that we reached 100% funding for The Kintsugi Project Book. I am utterly and completely overjoyed! It was nerve-wracking to watch the numbers climb, and I am so grateful to each person that pledged to the campaign. I’m so excited to bring this book of scars, healing stories, and photographs to life! My only hope is to create a book as beautiful as the people in it, and I will work my hardest to make that happen by October, 2018!


I have been posting updates to the Kickstarter page throughout this process. In the last one, I shared a bit about the photograph you see in this post. I’d like to share those words with you here.

The last session for the project was in late last December. And on that chilly winter afternoon in that warm studio, with soft music in the background and wintry light pouring through the windows of that 100 year old space, I was presented with a gift from one of the subjects. She asked if it was ok to give me a gift, gave me a warm hug, and handed me a lovely little gift bag. Inside that sparkly bag was a tenderly wrapped box, and my hands shook as I opened it.


When I saw what was inside, I felt such an emotional release. Here, on the last day of the project with the final group of subjects, this moment unfolded for me, for us, so organically in that space, together.


I cried. For the tender gratitude I felt at her most thoughtful gift, for the friendship, and for the joy I felt in that moment.


This gesture, this figure that represents so much more, she sits in a featured spot of my home. I see her every day among my most treasured things.


I am grateful to the subjects in this project. I am grateful for the supporters who’ve pledged. And I’m endlessly grateful for this entire experience.


Now, the next months of work begin. I am nourished, emboldened, and accompanied as I navigate this next step of the journey. Thank you, deeply, for each person who walks this journey with us.


Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.



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