The Kintsugi Project – Part I

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This project began with an organic start. Laying on the couch one morning, my photographic work had slowed to a predicable crawl as it does every winter and I was enjoying a bit of a break. A full year of emotive photographs behind me, I lay there cuddled under a heated blanket, thoughtful about the next steps in my creative journey.
On facebook, I viewed a recent gallery from my a friend and collegue, Cindy Johnson, a photographer that I greatly respect and admire. Cindy and I are very similar people – we are both firmly committed to the celebration of the human body. She had created a set of photographs with painted scars, and the stories included with the photos immediately gripped me. The visual was so familiar, the concept behind it so wonderful, I knew what my next steps would be. I contacted Cindy immediately, still covered in my coccoon of winter warmth, and asked how she’d feel about it. I realized that so many photographers have also created project and galleries dedicated to scars, kintsugi, and the celebration of the human body, but I wanted to touch base with her first to hash out the details spinning in my brain. Her quick response? An absolute blessing with immediate support.
My heart and brain racing – I settled into these new yet familiar brain pathways, and the work began. I knew, right away, that this would be something I would spend an entire year with. It would haunt my dreams and wake me from sleep. It was bigger than me..
And so it began.
I gathered twenty willing subjects to photograph the first installation, and together we celebrated the human body, the joy of self-love, and the primal spirit of survival. Each subject is absolute and exquisite and whole and incredible. They brought such raw honesty and authenticity to our sessions, and I am so incredibly grateful for each one of them.
Each story. Each connection.
They are living, breathing, screaming proof of resilience, power, strength, grace, joy, and love.
My heart is overflowing with gratitude.
To read the very personal stories written by each subject in this project, please find the stories here.
The Kintsugi Project – Honoring scars, the stories behind them, and the primal spirit of survival. Please find the full stories on my facebook page (link below) or watch for the book (which includes 55 participants and full stories) scheduled for release in 2018. Subscribe to the blog posts for notification!

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