The Kintsugi Project Part III

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The Kintsugi Project – It’s an incredible process.


I’m so honored to be a part of it. Photographically and professionally from my end, each installment takes hundreds of hours to complete. The planning, photographing, editing, and curation of the images and stories. Subject communication is a key element of this process – fifty-five subjects to date. This means fifty-five communication threads, fifty-five proofing galleries, fifty-five ongoing conversations and heartfelt sharing.


So often, it’s weeks later when my subjects realize in full what they’ve accomplished through this sharing. The new brain pathways that are created through their journey, the self-realizations, the confidence, the open dialogue of healing, the continuation of what they’ve begun to process…it’s a lot. The actual day of photographing is incredibly empowering, but it is the ENTIRE journey that we feel long after the fact.


It’s important to me to act as a facilitator. It’s important for each subject that they summon the courage to be seen and tell their stories. It’s important to you, as the viewer, to have a sense of community, to know that there are others out there just like you. Raw. Real. Honest. Healing. Powerful.


Please follow this facebook link to view the full gallery on my facebook page. Read each story, and know that it took a tremendous amount of heart to bring them to you. Your words of support, your messages, your connection to each of these incredible people, they treasure that connection. And so do I.


The Kintsugi Project – Honoring scars, the stories behind them, and the primal spirit of survival. Please find the full stories on my facebook page (link below) or watch for the book (which includes 55 participants and full stories) scheduled for release in 2018. Subscribe to the blog posts for notification!





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