The Kintsugi Project Part IV – Utah

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I flew to Utah a few weeks ago to photograph several people for the project. And I’m finally getting to their images and stories now. I’ll explain a bit about why I’ve waited this long to share.


I think one of the greatest things about this project as a whole is that folks will find that the experience grows a bit in their heart each day they’re away from it. The first day can be overwhelming. Grief. Sadness. Nevousness and anxiety about photographing. Telling the stories. Being brave. A few days, weeks, months pass for these subjects, and they find themselves continuing that feeling of being strong, capable, worthy, and inspired. Several subjects have shared with me that even six months or a year later, the experience has grown even more, becoming a tender memory that empowers them on a daily basis. That the project has become a turning point, of sorts. Permission to forgive themselves. To forgive others. To heal. To feel joy.


I spent the weekend with these people. I shared meals and hotel rooms with them. We rested side by side. We shared our tea, conversation, laughter, nervousness, excitement, tears, and tired, restful smiles together. We navigated that weekend together. And it was good.


Please let them know that you see them. Please let them know that you hear them. This project is about exploring the beauty of the human experience, shared. To celebrate the primal spirit of survival. And survive, they have.


Please find the full gallery of stories and photographs here.



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