2017 In Review

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A slideshow of my favorite photographs created this year. I am so grateful for every subject that you see in these photographs. If I sit long enough, if I’m quiet enough, I can still hear each one. Feel each one. I  hope you can, too.

Music for this slideshow generously provided by the incredible talent, Jon Hillman. Jon and his team have produced an award-winning soundtrack for an emotional journey of a game, “That Dragon, Cancer”. His music will take you to another world, another place in time. I listen to this soundtrack as I photograph, as I edit, as I write. I invite you to open your heart as you listen, too. It’s truly incredible music and I’m so, SO grateful that Jon was willing to let me feature it in this slideshow. To learn more about this and other projects Jon is working on, please follow these links.


Please, put your headphones in, find seven minutes of your evening to watch in HD, and share this quiet space.

I have a grateful heart. 



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