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Have you ever met someone and felt a connection so quickly that it took your breath away?


I find it remarkable that I feel so connected to so many participants that joined us this week at the photography workshop, Land and See, in beautiful Prince Edward Island, Canada. It’s incredible to make a new friend, to have such a beautiful kinship in such a short period of time. Without the distraction of everyday life, we were given the space to honor that connection. And connect, we did.


I didn’t know what to expect this year returning to PEI. Last year was such a gift, so incredibly moving, that I didn’t expect the same this year. You simply couldn’t assume that same level of depth, that the same quality of intensity would happen. We would tuck ‘last year’ away to bed, and give ‘this year’ the space to grow into its own.




It grew. It grew, and grew, and pretty soon it had grown beyond the boundaries of every heart in the room. Regardless of our background, our genre, our skill level or confidence, every single human in that room was a real, live cheerleader for those around them. Honest feedback, genuine laughter, heart-forward communication and respect for space added up to an epic experience for all.


I believe in community. I believe in lifting each other up. In love and encouragement and grace. My photographic community is such a gift. I am so grateful.


For all who joined us this week, thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I will take this nourishment into the year ahead. As with last year, we will continue to lift and encourage each other as we each face our own personal journey.


Now is time for a shower and sleep! Rest well, my friends!

Have a great year! Do what you can’t NOT do! So much love.


Please enjoy this gallery of my favorite photographs created this week with the always-incredible Rob Woodcox. I am honored to have photographed him on a spectacular evening.


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